About Our Business

Florida law effective June 1, 2002 requires insurance companies to
provide discounts on the hurricane windstorm portion of insurance
premiums for residents who install wind resistant features on their
homes. Yet few homeowners are aware of this,  Insurance
companies are required to tell  clients of the available discounts
which have been advertised  to save up to 42% on your hurricane
windstorm portion of your insurance premium.

We save you money by sending an inspector to your home to
determine what  wind resistant features your house may have.. If
you do not save any money from the inspection  your fee is 100%
guaranteed refundable.

We are a local company which offers excellent service with a local
feel. You have my guarantee..

                     David Ghysels

Wind resistant features include:
  • Hurricane Shutters - Accordion, Roll Down, Bahamian,
    Colonial, Storm Panels, Canvas, etc.
  • Impact Resistant Windows and Doors
  • New Roof - F B C Equivalent Roof
  • Hip Roof
  • Masonry Home
  • Roof to Wall Attachments`

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