Windstorm Inspectors, Inc. have  been helping people with
properties of all ages and sizes in South-East Florida save
hundreds to  thousands of dollars on their Wind
Insurance/Hurricane insurance every year.

. According to Fl Law,  you are entitled to receive discounts on the
hurricane windstorm portion of your insurance.

We save over 99% of inspections money!!
We Guarantee that you save the cost of the inspection or we              
           refund the difference.

We help you save on your insurance by sending an inspector  to
your home to certify a report to send to the insurance company.  
Your savings are based upon your wind resistant features on your
Windstorm Inspectors, Inc.
* results may vary depending on size of
home and wind resistant features on home.

What's New?

We have just opened up a branch in Melbourne thus  allowing us to
perform inspections in Brevard County.
We travel from Dade County to Brevard County and in between.   
We  work mainly on the east coast but can inspect houses as far
west as Lake Okeechobee.
Windstorm Inspectors, Inc.